The only thing I knew for sure when I was growing up was that I was NEVER going to marry a farmer. My dad was a farmer; both my maternal and paternal grandfathers were farmers and all their ancestors before them. I thought it was time for something new in our family and that I was just the one to make the change. Those were my plans, years ago, before I attended our county fair with a few of my girlfriends and all those dreams of adventure flew out the window. We were strolling down the midway and stopped to talk to some boys my friends knew whom I hadn’t met. There was an especially cute boy who seemed to puff out his muscular chest just a little more each time he looked my way. Before the night was over, he asked me to ride the Ferris Wheel with him and that was the beginning. …He was a farmer.

Barn Boy

That began my lifelong education as the girlfriend (he missed our first date because he had to work) and later, wife of a farmer. The following are bits and pieces of the life we are building together as the parents of five children and grandparents of an ever-expanding number of grandchildren.

For the continuation of my story of farming, photography, food and family, visit In the Country.

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Recent Reader Comments on Cultivation of a Lifestyle:

  • It brought memories flooding back of life on our farm.  I appreciate, so much, the time you took to record this difficult, but wonderful, life that is fast disappearing!
  • Thanks for a special reading experience.
  • I could not put the book down.  Everyone who has seen it thinks it is absolutely awesome.  The back cover grips my heart.
  • The pictures were beautiful and your writing was heart warming.  I hope you do another soon.

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