Maggie at the school desk

Maggie with puppyHow to describe Maggie? Born happy? I guess this picture says it all. Bubbly and with a joy in her when she was little that just had to give voice. When in restaurants she let out her shrieks of excitement (can’t they control that child?) Her happy, unorthodox squeal in restaurants when she was a toddler should have alerted us to the fact that she would always choose her own way and be true to her beliefs. She is one of our city girls, highly intelligent, conversely bubbly while inwardly deeply introspective and sensitive. She has a great sense of adventure and is devotedly religious. Though still in college, she has been to France twice and plans to travel there again when she graduates and possibly make it her home.

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo



Cortney on a swing

If you’ve read my old blog or book, you know all about my sweet granddaughter Cortney. One thing you might not know is that all but one of her cousins on her mother’s side of the family were boys, and most of the cousins on her dad’s side were also boys. As if that weren’t enough for one girl to cope with, she was the only girl in a neighborhood full of even more of them!

Growing up roughhousing with all those boys turned her into a tough and durable girl. Whether it was on a volleyball court or dragging 1000-pound cattle around at the fair, she knew she could do it. After all, hadn’t she been showing the “stronger” sex all of her life that she could keep up with them and even, often, better them. She was as apt to be covered with mud, from four-wheeling with her brother, as painting her fingernails, and she spent as much time wrestling as dancing. Her first serious boyfriend was just one of the guys who suddenly looked up one day and found that the tomboy he competed with had been slowly blossoming when he wasn’t looking and turned into the girl he wanted for his Homecoming date.

Cortney married her Homecoming date last summer. She is now doing her student nursing and will soon be a registered nurse.