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Connie Oney is a nationally published photographer and author of Cultivation of a Lifestyle, Preserving the American Dream and Sustaining Our Lifestyle, with Life-Sustaining Recipes. You can purchase these books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstore!

Connie’s newest book, Sustaining Our Lifestyle, is currently available on Amazon and coming soon to your local bookstore!

Sustaining Our Lifestyle cover
What people are saying about Sustaining Our Lifestyle:

  • “The artwork, pictures, story and daily accounting were a true treasure. Thank you for putting this together so that the culture we grew up with does not get lost.” –From a hospital president
  • “With her wonderful words of wisdom, [Connie] shares her rare outlook on our community lifestyle and her unique value of rural life. She has taken her experiences and combined them with her eloquent words and photography to create another masterpiece.” –From local resident, Susan Poth
  • “The photographs are beautiful and the accompanying words paint such a warm, reflective picture of your home and life on the farm. Even from an outsider s view, your words brought the experiences to life. Congratulations on the beauty of it.” –From a school principal
  • “Your coffee table needs this book on it!” –From local resident, Erica Shoemaker

About Connie’s First Book, Cultivation of a Lifestyle

Recent Reader Comments on Cultivation of a Lifestyle:

  • “It brought memories flooding back of life on our farm.  I appreciate, so much, the time you took to record this difficult, but wonderful, life that is fast disappearing!”
  • “Thanks for a special reading experience.”
  • “I could not put the book down.  Everyone who has seen it thinks it is absolutely awesome.  The back cover grips my heart.”
  • “The pictures were beautiful and your writing was heart warming.  I hope you do another soon.”

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