Raspberry Picking

sun filtered through trees

This morning I got out my picking clothes and geared up with long sleeved shirt and long pants to save me from briars, mosquitoes and deer flies, and a cap sprayed with bug repellent to protect from deer ticks. Our dog Buck and I set out to pick berries. I love picking with Buck because he eats the low ones leaving only the easier ones to pick for me–not so hard on my back!

Gerald and I had picked three quarts two nights ago so the picking wasn’t as good today but this was my reward – the sun streaming through trees and sparkling in the still creek. The only sounds were my footsteps and Buck’s (soon, though, pat-pat-pat – the cat found us.) We weren’t still enough because, ahead of us suddenly, I saw a flash of brown as a doe was spooked from her hiding place. As I watched her big white tail sail over brush, I was awed by the tiniest spotted fawn right behind her. And then, another little one – twins! What a blessing.


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