Rocco’s Ride

Today Gerald had some odd jobs that needed to be done so he asked one of our employees, Collin, to hop in the Gator for a ride around the farm so he could show him what work he had in mind when our dog Rocco decided he wanted a ride too.  We lost our long-time farm dog, Shep, a couple of years ago and replaced him with a cute little black mixed-breed puppy.  Rocco is not even close to being the cow dog that Shep was, but he is loving and bright so it seems he’s found a permanent home on our farm.

Today he hopped in the back of the Gator and hitch-hiked a ride with Gerald and Coliln.  Gerald stopped driving for a moment and took Collin to demonstrate how he wanted a particular job done and when he walked back to the driver’s side there was Rocco in the driver’s seat! After much coaxing and threatening he still would not give up the front seat but they did get him to move to the passenger side, so Collin was, unhappily, relegated to the back!

Rocco smiles at this arrangement, but Colin is not so sure!

Rocco smiles at this arrangement, but Collin is not so sure!

Rocco loves a good ride and has been known to be found in the seat of a salesman’s pickup truck when he hops in to leave the farm.  Since he’s not a very valuable farm dog, we wouldn’t be too upset if some kind person decided to take him along home with him, but it hasn’t happened yet.  A few days ago Gerald jumped in his truck and pulled it to the end of the driveway.  He looked right for coming traffic and then left and then jumped!  There was a little black dog in the passenger seat looking at him with expectant eyes, sitting up straight in the seat, tail thumping slowly, ears perked and ready for a ride. How could he say, “No”?

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right!  I never would’ve thought of that!’   –Dave Barry


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